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The National Archives was established in the year of 1967 AD. This is the principal institution for managing, protecting and preserving the country’s archival documents. It also worked as a public record management office of Government of Nepal. The National Archives being the repository of government records, it provides the necessary reference service to the government, public and researchers.

Archives preservation Act is the principle legislative text for the protection and management of archival documents of the country, which was enacted in 1989 AD. Under the provision of Act the offices shall transfer more than twenty-five years old documents of national importance to the National Archives and any person, who has any documents having national importance, may transfer such documents to the National Archives.

The National Archives of Nepal is prominently located within the premises of Singh Durbar (central secretariat of the Government of Nepal) on Ramshah Path in Kathmandu.

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» Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā ,a palm leaf manuscript of śaivatantra from 9th century

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